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ISTAF to include German medallists and six world champions from Peking – but no Robert Harting

The 74th Internationales Stadionfest (ISTAF) in Berlin’s Olympic stadium this Sunday is expected to feature at least six world champions and seven of the eight German medallists from the World Athletics Championships in Peking.

Anita Wlodarczyk (hammer), Piotr Malachowski (discus, Poland), Shawnacy Barber (pole vault, Canada) and Maryna Arzamasova (800 metres, Belarus) have joined German titleholders Christina Schwanitz (shot put) and Katharina Molitor (javelin) in confirming their attendance. All will be up against world-class fields as they go about defending their achievements in China.

On Wednesday Olympic discus champion Robert Harting cancelled his planned comeback at the ISTAF. A year after rupturing cruciate and collateral ligaments in his left knee the Berliner is still beset by problems of joint instability. Robert Harting: „That means there’s still a chance I’ll injure myself, and I don’t want to risk that with the Olympic Games coming up next year. My trainer Torsten Schmidt and I have also altered my training schedule. I’ll be at the ISTAF on Sunday, watching the discus competition with a heavy heart. But I’m already looking forward to the duel between world champ and Olympic champ at the ISTAF next year!”



Germany’s sensational runners – Cindy Roleder and Gesa Felicitas Krause to compete at ISTAF!

The Internationales Stadionfest in Berlin (ISTAF) has produced many a sensation in its 90-year history and has now added two more to its honour role – Germany’s quickest women Cindy Roleder and Gesa Felicitas Krause! With their medals in the World Athletics Championships in Peking they were the talk of their disciplines. And both women will be in Berlin’s Olympic stadium on 6th September 2015 for the 74th edition of the ISTAF.

On Friday, two days after Gesa Felicitas Krause took the bronze medal over 3,000 metres steeplechase, Cindy Roleder sped down the track to grab silver in the 100m hurdles. The two medals are the first to be awarded to German runners in a World Championships in 14 years! The last was the silver medal won by Ingo Schultz over 400 metres. The two women both had to pull personal bests out of the bag on their way to fighting off their world-class rivals. Gesa Felicitas Krause (Frankfurt) reduced her personal best to 9:19.25 minutes while Cindy Roleder (Leipzig) shaved 21 hundredths off her best time from 2014, clocking 12.59 seconds over 100 metres hurdles. Both are now looking forward to the ISTAF and some great performances are expected.



All five medallists from World Championships in Peking: ISTAF set for unprecedented pole-vault showdown!

The Internationales Stadionfest in Berlin (ISTAF) has never had a pole-vault competition like it! All five medallists from the World Championships in Peking will be converging on Berlin for the world’s oldest and best-attended athletics meeting on 6th September.

The line-up will include the surprise world champion Shawnacy Barber (Canada), the Peking silver medallist Raphael Holzdeppe (Zweibrücken), world record holder Renaud Lavillenie (France) and Piotr Lisek and Pawel Wojciechowski from Poland, who took bronze with vaults that equalled the height cleared by Lavillenie.

The men’s pole vault in Peking’s Olympic stadium was a thrilling competition with an unforeseen outcome. Few experts would have predicted that the French supremo, Lavillenie, would once again be thwarted in his bid for his first World Championship gold, such had been the strength of his appearances so far this season, with two 6-metre vaults. Yet after clearing 5.80m at his first attempt he failed three times with the bar at 5.90m, a height which Shawnacy Barber vaulted in one go and title holder Raphael Holzdeppe in two attempts. Neither managed 6 metres.

And now they are all pitching up for the re-match at the 74th ISTAF in Berlin. 



Christina Schwanitz takes Germany’s first gold at World Athletics Championships. Rivals poised to even score!

She has achieved her dream – and the 74th Internationales Stadionfest in Berlin (ISTAF) is looking forward to its first world champion fresh from Peking.

Following up on her European Championships win in 2014 Christina Schwanitz took gold at the World Championships in Peking’s Olympic stadium, beating her closest rival by 7 centimetres with her third throw of 20.37m. Chinese Lijiao Gong managed 20.30m and the American Michelle Carter 19.76m. Germany’s first German medallist from the Peking championships will naturally be a contender at the ISTAF in Berlin’s Olympic stadium on 6th September!

Chinese Lijiao Gong had the home advantage in the Bird’s Nest stadium and racked up 20.30 metres with her first throw. Floundering with a first attempt of 19.80, Christina Schwanitz rallied with throws of 20.00 and 20.37 metres to win Germany’s first shot put gold since Astrid Kumbernuss’ third gold medal sixteen years ago! Christina Schwanitz: “I wasn’t expecting a nail-biting competition like that.



A crowd of 45,322 enjoys a great athletics gala complete with world record at Berlin’s ISTAF

Great sporting feats including a world record! The 73rd Internationales Stadionfest Berlin has lived up to the ‘festival’ part of its name. On 31st August 2014 45,322 spectators joined 164 athletes from 40 nations in a rip-roaring sports extravaganza in Berlin’s Olympic stadium. The crowd was treated to three wins for German athletes – shot putters Christina Schwanitz and David Storl and discus thrower Robert Harting. But the highlight of the event was a new world record set by hammer thrower Anita Wlodarczyk.

The 29-year-old Pole flung her hammer 79.58 metres, improving on Betty Heidler’s record by 16 centimetres and bringing her a standing ovation from the crowd. It is the 16th world record to be broken in the 93 years of the ISTAF. Anita Wlodarczyk: “I’m in great form this year and it’s boosted my confidence. This is my lucky venue. I set a world record here in 2009, too.” The gold medal comes with a cheque for 20,000 dollars, largely courtesy of main sponsor Spielbank Berlin.


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