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Another world-class ISTAF line-up: 9 Olympic, 15 world and 15 European champions!

Berlin’s 73rd Internationales Stadionfest is set to go. This coming Sunday, 31st August 2014, the gates of Berlin’s Olympic stadium will swing open at 12 noon, heralding performances by 164 top-notch athletes covering 16 disciplines in the main programme starting at 3pm. In a new development the programme’s timetabling will be tighter and the new “ISTAF 3.0” format will deliver a new style of presentation for the sportsmen and women. Among the innovations are better acoustics, more music and a raft of features to add to the overall show.

Of the 164 athletes converging on Berlin from 40 nations, 39 hail from Germany – 16 women and 23 men. Shot putter Tom Walsh from New Zealand has the longest journey. This year’s most successful ISTAF athlete is Lithuanian discus thrower Virgilijus Alekna, proud holder of two Olympic wins, two world-championship titles and one European title. At 42, he is also the oldest competitor and will be retiring on Sunday. Diane Cummins, a contender in the 800 metres, is only two years younger. The youngest female participant, at 17, is Tigist Getnet from Ethiopia, running in the 3,000m steeplechase.



Kugelstoßen und 3000m Hindernis neu beim ISTAF: Deutsches Gold-Quartett von Zürich in Berlin komplett!

Die Veranstalter des 73. Internationalen Stadionfestes (ISTAF) haben auf die deutschen Erfolge bei den Leichtathletik-Europameisterschaften in Zürich reagiert. Nach der Goldmedaille im Kugelstoßen für Christina Schwanitz und dem Sensationserfolg von Antje Möldner-Schmidt über 3000mH werden beide Disziplinen neu ins Veranstaltungsprogramm aufgenommen.

Beide Athletinnen sind bereits eingeladen und verpflichtet. Zusammen mit den Europameistern Robert Harting (Diskus) und David Storl (Kugelstoßen) ist das deutsche Gold-Quartett beim ISTAF damit komplett. Für den Kugelstoß-Wettbewerb der Frauen hat auch die Deutsche Meisterin im Diskuswurf, Shanice Craft, zugesagt. Sie hatte in Zürich in ihrer Spezialdisziplin Bronze geholt. Dass sie auch im Kugelring stark ist, bewies sie bei den Deutschen Meisterschaften Ende Juli in Ulm, wo sie ebenfalls Dritte wurde.



ISTAF INDOOR with Verena Sailer and Robert Harting –
3,700 of the 11,000 available tickets are already sold!

Berlin – A little more than 100 days before the first ISTAF INDOOR one-third of the 11,000 tickets for the event on the 1st of March 2014 are already sold. Even without advertising activities the event in the O2 World has a great appeal. The organizers can continue to plan the biggest athletics indoor meeting in the world!    Berlin – Etwas mehr als 100 Tage vor dem ersten ISTAF INDOOR ist bereits ein gutes Drittel der 11.000 Tickets für die Veranstaltung am 1. März 2014 abgesetzt. Auch ohne Werbemaßnahmen übt die in der  O2 World geplante Veranstaltung schon große Anziehungskraft aus. Die Veranstalter können weiter das größte Leichtathletik-Hallenmeeting der Welt planen!



55,000 spectators to see the best athletes in the world:
21 medallists from Moscow at the ISTAF!

Berlin – The 72nd Internationales Stadionfest on 1 September 2013 will be a big pay back day for the World Championships in Moscow. All four German world champions from Moscow as well as medallists Christina Schwanitz (Silver) and Björn Otto (Bronze) will be up against the international competition 14 days afterwards at the Berlin Olympic Stadium. A total of 21 medallists from Moscow will be there, among them eleven world champions.

The 168 athletes will travel to Berlin from 34 different countries, 35 participants are from Germany. Shot putter Valerie Adams will now arrive from Zurich but, as a New Zealander, she has the longest way home. With two Olympic gold medals and four World Championship titles, she is the most successful athlete at the ISTAF. The most successful male competitor is Kenyan Ezekiel Kemboi, who also has two Olympic gold medals but in addition has won a total of three world championships. The youngest participant is shot putter Shanice Craft (20 years of age), the youngest male participant, who will be competing in the 1,500 metres, is Yomif Kejelcha from Ethiopia (16). The most senior athlete in the field is discus-veteran Virgilijus Alekna (40) from Lithuania.

In total, all athletes together have won 121 medals at international competitions (Olympic Games, World and European Championships) - the women 61 medals and the male athletes a total of 60. In total, the line up includes ten Olympic gold medallists, 24 world champions and twelve European champions.

The most important athletes at the 72nd Internationales Stadionfest in the order of their respective disciplines:

Javelin (women), Start time 13:20 Hours

Christina Obergföll after her success at the World Championships in Moscow, will now change from being th predator to become the prey. Maria Abakumova, 2011 world champion, wants to take revenge for the defeat in front of her home crowd 14 days ago. Both have personal bests of over 70 metres. Close behind is South African Viljoen Sunette, whose PB stands at 69.35 metres. Vera Rebryk, the 2012 European champion from Ukraine, will also be competing. Linda Stahl, who won bronze at London 2012, and Katharina Molitor will be representing the German colours.

Shot put (Women), Start time 13:30 Hours

The Dresden-based, cheerful Christina Schwanitz is responsible for this competition. Her surprising personal best of 20.41 metres in Moscow gained her the silver medal and put the women's shot put on the ISTAF's programme. She is up against the world and Olympic champion Valerie Adams from New Zealand, whose personal best stands at 21.24 metres. Two other very strong competitors are  Russian Anna Omarova (PB 19.69m) and  German Nadine Kleinert (20.20), who, after a long career, will compete for the last time this Sunday before retiring.

Hammer throw (Women), Start time 15:12 Hours

In the women’s hammer throw, the Moscow gold and silver medallists will be competing! For Berlin-based world record holder Betty Heidler, who unfortunately failed to make the finals in Moscow, the ISTAF will mark a reunion with world and Olympic champion Tatjana Lysenko and the runner-up, Anita Wlodarczyk from Poland. The Russian took gold in Moscow with a strong throw of 78.80 metres, Wlodarczyk grabbed silver with 78.46 metres. Cuban Yipsi Moreno placed sixth in Moscow. With Kathrin Klaas, there is a second strong German hammer thrower among the competitors.

Pole Vault (Men), Start time 15.50 Hours

They are the new superstars of the German athletics: Pole vault world champion Raphael Holzdeppe, bronze medallist Björn Otto and Malte Mohr. The Germans took three of the top five places at the World Championships in Moscow. At the ISTAF, again, Holzdeppe will look forward to engaging in an exciting contest with his teammates. One of their fiercest international competitors is likely to be Czech pole vaulter Jan Kudlicka (5.83).

Shot Put (Men), Start time 15:55 Hours

The Men's shot put also marked by a farewell: Ralf Bartels will retire from top class competition after 16 years in the ring. Since 2002 he won a total of eight medals at World and European Championships for Germany, including becoming European Champion 2006 and European Indoor Champion 2011. World champion David Storl (personal best: 21.86 metres), Czech Ladislav Prasil (21.47) and Portuguese Marco Fortes (20.77) will be among the athletes who will bid farewell to Bartels.

200m (Women), Start time 16:05 Hours

The Women's 200m sprint will be a head-to-head race between the U.S. and Jamaica. The 4x100m relay world champion of Moscow, Kerron Stewart (Jamaica, personal best:  21.99 seconds), and the sixth placed athlete of the World Championships ChaRonda Williams (USA, 22.52) will probably fight out the battle for victory. But also Brazilian Ana Claudia Silva (22.48) and American Natasha Hastings (22.61) are able to run fast times. Hastings came fifth in the 400m in Moscow.

Long Jump (Men), Start time 16:05 Hours

Four out of the top eight athletes of the World Championship finals in Moscow will be competing in the men's long jump at the ISTAF: Dutch Ignisious Gaisah (personal best:  8.43 metres), who surprisingly won the silver medal, will face Christian Reif from Germany (8.47, sixth at the World Championships), Godfrey Mokoena from South Africa (8.50, seventh at the World Championships) and  Jamaican Damar Forbes (8.25, eighth at the World Championships).

1500m (Women), Start time 16:15 Hours

The Women's 1500m is destined to be a fast race. 800-metre world champion, Eunice Sum from Kenya, wants to compete against the world's best over this distance. From the World Championship finals in Moscow there are three participants who will compete, including Nancy Langat from Kenya, Ekaterina Sharmina (Russia) and Siham Hilali (Morocco) are the other athletes who reached the World Championship finals in Moscow. The German colours are being represented by Annett Horna and Elina Sujev.

110 metres hurdles (Men), Start time 16:35 Hours

Cuban Dayron Robles has been the dominating force in international hurdles for a number of years: He won Olympic gold in 2008, broke the world record in the same year and became world indoor champion in 2010. After a lengthy injury break, he now wants to stage a comeback at the ISTAF (personal best:  12.87 seconds). His challengers include Briton William Sharmann (13.26) and Mikel Thomas from Trinidad.

Discus throw (Men), Start time 16:40 Hours

The spotlight in the discus throw will be on two men: Robert Harting (personal best:  70.66) and Sebastian Dietz (personal best:  42.18 – also a world record). Both of them became world champions this year and both took the victory at the London 2012 Olympic Games (Harting) and the Paralympics (Dietz). Hemiplegia-afflicted Sebastian Dietz improved the world record twice in the finals at the 2013 IPC World Championship! Both top athletes will compete in the same starter field despite their  differences. For Dietz, the officials have staked out a line at 40 metres, for Harting and and his competitors at 60 and 65 metres. Harting needs to measure himself against long-time opponent Piotr Malachowski (71.84) from Poland, Virgilijus Alekna (73.88) from Lithuania and Martin Wierig from Magdeburg.

800 Metre (Men), Start time 16.45 Hours

The reigning world champion will be present in this middle distance race: Mohammed Aman has shown everyone in Moscow what he is capable at just 19 years of age (personal best: 1:42.53 minutes). In the final sprint he prevailed against the Nick Symmonds (USA). On Sunday, at the ISTAF, he will, among others, encounter the American athlete who was sixth in the World Championships, Duane Solomon (1:43.27) and the fast Kenyan Timothy Kitum (1:42.53).

3000 Metre steeplechase (Men), Start time 16:55 Hours

The most successful athlete in the field has been dominant force in the steeplechase for many years: Ezekiel Kemboi (personal best:  7:55.76 minutes) has already won two Olympic gold medals and three World Championship titles for Kenya. His fellow countrymen Brimin Kiprop Kipruto (7:53.64) and Paul Kipsiele Koech (7:54.31) have recorded even faster personal best times than him, allowing them to take second and third place in the all-time record lists, behind world record holder Saif Saaeed Shaheen (7:53.63). The ISTAF-record by Paul Kipsiele Koech from 2011 may even topple (8:04.48)! For German champion Steffen Uliczka (8:22.93), the race is on for a good ranking.

100 Metre (Men), Start time 17:15 Hours

Atheltic's royal discipline will be headed this year by 4x100m relay world champion Kemar Bailey-Cole (personal best:  9.93 seconds), who only narrowly missed the podium in the finals of Moscow, placing fourth in the end. His fiercest opponents will be the men from the Caribbean island of St. Kitts and Nevis: 2003 World Champion, Kim Collins (9.97) and Jason Rogers (10.01). However, the three fastest Germans, too, Martin Keller (10.07), Julian Reus (10.08) and Lucas Jakubczyk (10.20), will not be wanting to show any weakness.

100 Metre (Women), Start time 17.25 Hours

Running under 11 seconds once... Will Verena Sailer live her dream today? The personal best of the currently fastest German stands at 11.02 seconds. Not much is missing anymore to make the magical limit. She will still need to deliver a powerful performance in order to prevail against Jamaican Aleen Bailey (11.04), US-American LaKeisha Lawson (11.14) and her relay partner Tatjana Pinto (11.22).

1,500 Metre (Men), Start time 17.35 Hours

The ISTAF 2013 will conclude with the Men's 1500m race. The favourites include the winner of the bronze medal in Moscow, Johan Cronje from South Africa (personal best:  3:33.46), as well as Daniel Kipchigir Komen from Kenya (3:29.02) and Bernard Lagat from the USA (3:26.34), as both can run under 3:30 minutes. Keep your fingers crossed for the German athlete, the Berlin local Carsten Schlangen (3:33.64) and Frankfurt's Homiyu Tesfaye (3:34.76), who ran to a sensational fifth place at Moscow.


me-ti GmbH allows first ISTAF-App and automated processes

By using the Database Publishing System metiTEC from me-ti GmbH, ISTAF will be able to respond more flexibly to short-term changes in future. Now, print documents such as the starting lists can be updated within a few seconds by the push of a button. In addition, online versions of starting lists are generated for the website of ISTAF through metiTEC. By providing a ISTAF-App for mobile end devices created by metiTEC, the range of information offered, especially for spectators in the Olympic Stadium, is considerably expanded. In the technical disciplines, like with a live ticker, one may at any time call up an interim score, for instance.

Soul and jazz star Jocelyn B. Smith will be singing the German national anthem for the first time

American singer Jocelyn B. Smith will be singing the German national anthem for the first time this year at the ISTAF. For Jocelyn, this will be the second time that she sings a national anthem at the Olympic Stadium. However, it was the American one ten years ago at the American Football event. "I am really looking forward to this; it is a great honour for me to sing the national anthem of my adopted homeland“, says Jocelyn B. Smith. During the award ceremony she will perform her new song "What Are We Doing Here" in front of an audience for the first time - because her new album will be released only on 6 September. The album release concert will take place on 11 September 2013 at the "QUASIMODO“ at Kantstraße.

52,000 tickets have so far been sold, as in the previous year – 55,000 spectators are being expected

52,000 tickets have so far been sold for the 72nd Internationales Stadionfest 2013. The organisers are expecting an audience of about 55,000, as in the previous year. Prices start from just 9 euros for seats in the upper tier. The best views of the action are to be had in the seats level with the finishing line (39 euros).  All tickets are available until tomorrow, Saturday, from all CTS ticket outlets. On Sunday, the box offices at the Olympic stadium will already open at 10.30. 



ISTAF Berlin signs more top athletes. Line-up
now features 11 world champions from Moscow

Berlin – With less than a week to go before the 72nd Internationales Stadionfest (ISTAF), the organisers are still busy rounding up athletes for the competition. With the seven German medallists from Moscow 2013 already signed up, the hosts have now secured the appearance of international titleholders for next Sunday’s big event.

Spectators in Berlin’s Olympic stadium and clustered in front of televisions can look forward to at least seven more reigning world champions (status on 26th August)! The competition will feature 200 athletes spanning 15 disciplines.

In the women’s shot put the runner-up in the World Championships, Christina Schwanitz, will be looking for revenge against New Zealand’s Olympic victor and world champion, Valerie Adams. This edition of the ISTAF will mark the retirement of a successful German athlete, Nadine Kleinert from Magdeburg.

In the women’s hammer the world champion Tatjana Lysenko will be up against the likes of Anita Wlodarczyk (Poland) and world record holder Betty Heidler. Competing in her favourite stadium, Heidler is keen to show that her failure to make the finals in Moscow was a disappointing one-off.

The 800-metre world champion Eunice Sum from Kenya will be competing in the 1,500 metres. She lines up with her compatriot Helen Obiri, the bronze medallist in Moscow, and the sixth-placed Ekaterina Sharmina of Russia.

The sprint events will feature three current relay world champions. For the women the Jamaican Schillonie Calvert (best time 11.05 seconds over 100 metres) will go up against a field that includes the quickest German woman over the distance, Verena Sailer (11.02 secs). Calvert’s fellow Jamaican Kerron Stewart will be running in the 200 metres and in the men’s 100 metres Jamaican Kemar Bailey-Cole (pb: 9.96 secs) is the man to beat for stalwart Kim Collins (9.97).

A high point of the day is likely to be the appearance of the three-times world champion and two-times Olympic victor over 3,000m steeplechase, Ezekiel Kemboi from Kenya. He will again be up against the fourth-placed runner in Moscow, Paul Kipsiele Koech, also from Kenya.

Along with the German world champions Raphael Holzdeppe (pole vault), Robert Harting (discus), David Storl (shot put) and Christina Obergföll (javelin), a total of eleven world champions from Moscow have now signalled their intention to take part in the 72nd Internationales Stadionfest.

For these Germans’ disciplines the ISTAF has signed a string of top-notch athletes to push the home-grown talent to its limits. Christina Obergföll will have to beat Maria Abakumova. In Moscow Obergföll may have beaten the Russian, who took bronze, but on the weekend Abakumova threw the world’s best javelin this year in Elstal (69.75m).

Discus titan Robert Harting will go up against his nemeses Piotr Malachowski (Poland) and Virgijlius Alekna (Lithuania).

Shot putter David Storl will be saying goodbye to his friend and mentor Ralf Bartels, who hurls the final shot of his career at this year’s ISTAF.

Raphael Holzdeppe has another showdown with the Moscow bronze medallist, Björn Otto, to look forward to. In Elstal over the weekend Holzdeppe was beaten by the German record holder.

ISTAF Managing Director Martin Seeber: “Once again our athletes’ managers have pulled off another outstanding line-up for the 72nd Internationales Stadionfest. I can’t wait to see the world champions and medallists from Moscow. And who knows? A few more may have announced their appearance, come Sunday.”

48,000 tickets have so far been sold for the 72nd ISTAF 2013. There are still seats available for all price categories. Prices begin at 9.00 euros for seats in the upper tier. The best views of the action are to be had in the seats level with the finishing line (39.00 euros). All tickets are available via www.istaf.de, from all CTS ticket outlets or by phoning 030 / 20 60 70 88 99*. Tickets on the day are available from the box offices at the Berlin Olympic stadium.


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