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Christina Schwanitz takes Germany’s first gold at World Athletics Championships. Rivals poised to even score!

She has achieved her dream – and the 74th Internationales Stadionfest in Berlin (ISTAF) is looking forward to its first world champion fresh from Peking.

Following up on her European Championships win in 2014 Christina Schwanitz took gold at the World Championships in Peking’s Olympic stadium, beating her closest rival by 7 centimetres with her third throw of 20.37m. Chinese Lijiao Gong managed 20.30m and the American Michelle Carter 19.76m. Germany’s first German medallist from the Peking championships will naturally be a contender at the ISTAF in Berlin’s Olympic stadium on 6th September!

Chinese Lijiao Gong had the home advantage in the Bird’s Nest stadium and racked up 20.30 metres with her first throw. Floundering with a first attempt of 19.80, Christina Schwanitz rallied with throws of 20.00 and 20.37 metres to win Germany’s first shot put gold since Astrid Kumbernuss’ third gold medal sixteen years ago! Christina Schwanitz: “I wasn’t expecting a nail-biting competition like that.

But I always prefer to improve as I go rather than throw my best distance first. When I took the lead with my third throw, the rest was just down to psychology. And it turned out I was the one who kept her cool best.” She’s now gearing up for the ISTAF on 6th September, where she’ll be facing some of her rivals from Peking, among them the third-placed American, Michelle Carter.

Meeting Director Martin Seeber: “First of all I want to congratulate Christina Schwanitz on her win in Peking. We’re delighted that that we had the hunch after the German Championships in Nuremberg to include the women’s shot put in the ISTAF. Christina Schwanitz and Michelle Carter have already said they’ll be in Berlin and more contenders should follow. In the 15 disciplines on offer our aim is to present around ten world champions and all the German medallists. We’re rooting for our German athletes and hoping that the coming days will turn up more top achievements.”


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