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Group ticket for pole-vault fans -
Prime views for four people for just 39 euros

The pole vault is one of the most riveting disciplines in athletics - and the ISTAF is no exception. Crowds thrill to the spectacle of men and women catapulting themselves to dizzy heights, a picture of power and artistry. And Germany's pole vaulters are once again up there among the leaders. Five of our athletes - Silke Spiegelburg, Martina Strutz, Björn Otto, Raphael Holzdeppe and Malte Mohr - are ranked among the world's top vaulters. 

The organisers of the 72ndISTAF, scheduled for 1st September 2013, are now offering reduced group tickets for ground-level seating in the immediate proximity of the pole-vault location. A group ticket for four people costs just 39 euros (plus 2 euros online booking fee) instead of the standard 56 euros. Offer closes on 31st May 2013. The pole-vault special offer can be found by clicking on "Sonderaktionen" in the Tickets section of www.istaf.de.

For over 90 years now the world's oldest and most popular one-day sports meeting has been hosting dramatic showdowns in all the core Olympic track and field disciplines. Over two million athletics fans have passed through the stadium gates since the Stadionfest was first held in 1921. Many more millions are familiar with the event from the international TV coverage.

In 2013, too, the organisers are anticipating a world-class field and will be aiming to attract all the champions and German medallists from Moscow 2013. The World Championships in the Russian capital will be the largest international athletics event of the year and will end two weeks before the ISTAF. At least 50,000 spectators are expected to pack the stands and witness 220 of the best athletes of the day competing in a minimum of 16 exciting disciplines.



55,565 spectators treated to 2 ISTAF records and
3 German victories at 71st Internationales Stadionfest

The 71stInternationales Stadionfest on 2ndSeptember 2012, the latest chapter in a Berlin success story, again served up a string of superlative achievements. 55,565 spectators packed into Berlin’s Olympic stadium, again making it the largest one-day athletics meeting in the world. A million television viewers followed the competition live on Germany’s flagship TV channel.

A mere three weeks after the Olympic Games the crowd was presented with eight Olympic gold medallists, an equal number of German medallists from London, two new ISTAF records and three triumphs by German athletes across the 16 disciplines. The event also featured the world’s first 4x100m mixed-gender relay of the Nations.

Aries Merritt, Olympic gold medallist over 110 metres hurdles, provided the greatest of the sporting spectacles. He set a new stadium record of 12.97 seconds, beating Collin Jackson’s 18-year-old record by five hundredths of a second.



Over 54,000 spectators at the ISTAF in Berlin will
see nine gold medallists from the London Olympics,
and six European champions from Helsinki

Berlin – This year's Internationales Stadionfest is once again set to be the world's largest one-day athletics meeting. From noon on Sunday 54,000 people will pour through the gates of the arena and revel at the spectacle of 187 of the planet's best athletes competing in a total of 15 official disciplines. Nine of London's Olympic winners (two of whom are from relay teams), four reigning world champions and six current European champions will be lining up in their respective events. And on the eve of the competition the women's discus will be contested in Wustermark/Elstal, the historic Olympic village of 1936.

Of the athletes attending the ISTAF, 27 women and 37 men have already been in the medals at international meetings. These include 9 gold medals, 7 silver medals and 6 bronze medals earned in London, 4 golds, 5 silvers and 5 bronzes taken at the World Championships in Daegu and 6 golds, 8 silvers and 4 bronzes won at the 2012 European Championships in Helsinki.



ISTAF honours its announcement on Olympic winners:
Five London gold medallists already confirmed!

Berlin – Ten days after the closing ceremony of the 2012 Olympic Games, preparations for the 71stInternationales Stadionfest (ISTAF) are in their final phase. And confirmation is already in that the crowds thronging to Berlin's Olympic stadium on 2nd September 2012 will be treated to the spectacle of at least five gold medallists from the London Olympics. Following the signing of all eight German medallists, this is the latest piece of good news from the world's oldest and largest athletics meeting.

The holders of gold, silver and bronze medals are pitted against each other in the women's hammer! Betty Heidler will again be matching her talents against gold medallist Tatyana Lysenko and runner-up Anita Wlodarczyk of Poland. The Russian took first place in London with a throw of 78.18m, Wlodarczyk securing silver with 77.60 metres. Heidler's bronze-winning throw of 77.12m was measured shorter at first and only after the measuring tape was brought in was the Berlin-born current world record holder acknowledged as being in the medals.



After eight track and field medals in London –
triumphant Olympic athletes to compete at ISTAF

Berlin – German athletics is alive and kicking! Twelve years after the last gold medals – for Heike Drechsler and Nils Schumann in Sydney – and four years after the slim pickings at Beijing, with a single paltry bronze medal awarded, the Internationales Stadionfest Berlin (ISTAF) has been quick to react to German successes in London. The line-up for the 71st ISTAF meeting has been modified to admit all German medallists from the Games!

Local discus hero Robert Harting, winner of the first gold medal for Germany in a track-and-field discipline in twelve years, has been signed up for months. He hopes to throw a wild athletics party with his fans in his own backyard, Berlin’s Olympic stadium. “We athletes have done eight times better than we did in Beijing in 2008. People should be reminded of that loud and clear and start celebrating. So anyone who’s still without a ticket for the ISTAF should hang in there,” says Harting.


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