ISTAF-Trophy 2023

Malaika Mihambo can only be caught by Britain’s Jazmin Sawyers, Gina Lückenkemper has the victory in her own hands – or rather in her legs. But no decision has been made yet in any discipline of the ISTAF Trophy (see “Top 3” below). The special award of the ISTAF series is won by the athletes who collect the most points in the six INDOOR disciplines (60 m/100 m M/F; 60 m/110 m hurdles M; 60 m/100 m hurdles F; long jump F; pole vault M) at both the ISTAF INDOOR and the ISTAF in the Berlin Olympic Stadium. Eight points are awarded for each victory, five points for second place – and one more point for sixth place. After the INDOOR events in Düsseldorf and Berlin, the grand finale of the series will take place at the ISTAF on September 3, 2023 in Berlin’s Olympic Stadium. The ISTAFTrophy is endowed with 30,000 US dollars (6 x 5,000).

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