Dear Athletes, Coaches, Managers and Guest,

    In order to host an exceptional event we ask you to support us as best as you can so we can provide a safe ISTAF to everyone – our workers, volunteers, spectators and last but not least yourself!

    You must register for the event prior to your departure to Berlin. Registration can be done by a third party for participants, but each individuals personal data is required. Your data will be securely kept until 2 weeks after the event. This is a rule given by the health office so they can contact you (if needed) to be able to follow the infection chain.

    For those traveling to Berlin by car, please let us know your planned arrival time at the hotel

    For checking in at the hotel you need to be either fully vaccinated, recovered or you need to bring a negativ PCR-test result conducted no later than 48h before your arrival. Please let us know the following:
    I am fully vaccinated
    I am recovered and will bring a certificate
    I am not fully vaccinated/recovered and will bring a negativ PCR-test result upon arrival (sample was taken no longer than 48h ago)
    I am not fully vaccinated/recovered and I am in need of a PCR-test upon arrival

    In case you need a PCR-test or antigen test before departure please let us know which one (PCR or Rapid-Antigen) and at what time the sample needs to be taken the earliest:

    Shoe declaration - Athletes only
    I declare, that my shoes comply in accordance with Rule 5 of the Technical Rules

    I accept thePrivacy Policy*

    *Mandatory Field

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