Charity Partner

Plan International and the International Stadium Festival (ISTAF) Berlin have been working together to meet the needs of children in developing countries since 2018. Because at the world’s largest and oldest athletics meeting, the athletes need self-confidence, willpower, respect and team spirit. Values that also always play a role in the projects of the children’s aid organization Plan International. For the fourth year of cooperation, the partners have set themselves a very special goal.

Both partners are committed to projects that are “close to the heart” of ISTAF Berlin, says meeting director Martin Seeber. “As the largest indoor meeting in the world and an athletics event from a major city, we have already made a strong case for girls and young women in other metropolises. Now climate change is coming into our focus.” After the commitment to the Plan projects “Safer Cities for Girls in Kampala” and “Safe Cities in Alexandria and Asyut,” this year’s focus is therefore on a new project for which the ISTAF would like to get involved: “Protecting People from Climate Change” in Zambia. Sustainable agriculture, reforestation and the establishment of green businesses are the core elements of this project. Together with more than 3,600 young people, we want to safeguard livelihoods in the Chisamba region, which is suffering severely from the consequences of climate change.

To support the project, the ISTAF and also the ISTAF INDOOR events in Berlin and Düsseldorf as well as the mascot “Berlino” make Plan’s project work visible. In addition, fans can donate two euros to the Plan project when buying ISTAF tickets.

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