Olympic Stadium Berlin

The Olympic Stadium located in Berlin’s neighborhood Westend is one of the world’s largest track and field stadiums. It has been newly built for the Olympic Games 1936 to substitute the old German Stadium (Deutsches Stadion). In the scope of the 2006 FIFA World Cup it has been thoroughly modernized from 2000 until 2004. During the World Cup it served inter alia as a venue for the final match between Italy and France.

The Olympic Stadium provides 74.244 covered seats. In 2009, the stadium hosted the 12th IAAF World Championships where Jamaican Usain Bolt set his world records over 100m and 200m which remain untouched till this day.


Since 1937 the ISTAF has been staged regularly. Along the way it has been visited by more than two million fans who were able to witness 16 track and field world records. As a result of the large capacity and the strong fan base the ISTAF proves to be the most frequently visited track and field meeting with more than 50.000 visitors per year.

Not only because of the blue tartan tracks, a lot of athletes consider it the world’s most beautiful track and field stadium.


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