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11/09/2020 I News Release – ISTAF in Berlin on Sunday: Scandinavian Supremacy, Warhalm, Duplantis, Stahl among the Stars

21/07/2020 I ISTAF2020 with Armand Duplantis and 3,500 fans in Berlin’s Olympic Stadium

02/09/2019 | Gesa Krause smashes 2,000 m Steeplechase world best at Berlin’s ISTAF

31/08/2019 | World Class Athletics in Berlin: 78th Edition of ISTAF – Dress Rehearsal for the World Championships

28/05/2019 | Olympic Champion Thomas Röhler returns / ISTAF honoured by IAAF

10/05/2019 | IAAF-president Coe honors ISTAF Berlin: „Enormous impact on the development of track and field“

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