World premiere at the ISTAF INDOOR 2019: discus throw duel: “women vs. men”

20. November 2018

First time in history: At the 6th ISTAF INDOOR on Friday, the 1stof February 2019, at the Mercedes-Benz Arena in Berlin, there will be a duel of the world’s best male and female discus throw athletes. Women or men: how will throw further? This kind of special discus throw competition is only one of the innovations which were presented by the organization committee on the 20thof November, 2018.  Numerous  track and field stars out of 7 disciplines will participate in the world’s largest indoor track and field meeting. For example Olympic champion Christoph Harting und his discus throw colleague Shanice Craft, Renaud Lavillenie (French pole vault athlete, current world record holder), Pamela Dutkiewicz (hurdle race) and Germany’s fastest woman: Gina Lückenkemper.

Meeting-director Martin Seeber: “The unique format of the ISTAF INDOOR with the show elements and the closeness of the fantastic supporters lead to the fact that the athletes are able to perform at their best. Discus throw at the Mercedes Benz Arena is a spectacle anyway. With the discus throw competition we want to provide the spectators, who sit very close to the athletes, an exciting team competition which promises a lot of entertainment and excitement. The spectators are able to look forward to having a great evening!”

Four women and four men, each one has six tries, will compete against each other. The current best results will be added to the team evaluation. “This is a really great idea!”, says Olympic champion Christoph Harting. “Let’s see who will be better. For the discus throw athletes the ISTAF INDOOR is the only indoor competition worldwide. The atmosphere is amazing- the ISTAF INDOOR is just fun for everybody”. Also Shanice Craft, 3rdplace at the European Championship and 1stplace at the German Championship 2018, is looking forward to participate in the competition. “Due to that competition, we will become members of a team and will challenge the men. That’s going to be great!” Shanice Craft triumphed the 2ndISTAF INDOOR and holds the unofficial indoor record with 62,07 meters. “I definitely want to stick up to that record. It has been an amazing experience 2015. The ISTAF INDOOR is just an awesome event!”

Not only Shanice Craft and Christoph Harting, but also a lot of other topstars from other disciplines have confirmed their participation ( 60 m sprint men, 60 m sprint women, 60 m hurdle race men, 60 m hurdle race women, long jump women, pole vault men). The French pole vault athlete Renaud Lavillenie, who holds the current world record, Germany’s fastest woman Gina Lückenkamper and Germany’s best hurdle run athlete Pamela Dutkiewicz will participate.

Stars very close: new fan area at the Mercedes Benz Arena

The discus throw competition “Women vs. men” is not the only new part of the program. Another innovation of the 6thISTAF INDOOR will be the new fan area at the Mercedes Benz arena, which will be arranged by the organizers. In that area, the spectators will be able to meet the athletes. Meeting director Martin Seeber: “The ISTAF INDOOR means professional sports very close to the spectators”. We want to reduce the distance between the spectators and the athletes. At track and field, we want stars and role models as close as possible. At the arena, we create a room where young and old fans can meet their idols, get autographs and take selfies.