Most viewed programs – ISTAF INDOOR also a hit on TV

10. February 2021

Great TV success for the “ISTAF-INDOOR double pack”. Almost six million fans saw the highlights on ARD and ZDF from the sports city of Düsseldorf and the sports metropolis of Berlin. The Düsseldorf premiere of the ISTAF INDOOR on Sunday, January 31st, was watched by an average of 2.56 million viewers (market share: 15.8%). Afterwards 2.05 million ISTAF-interested people watched the the ARD-Sportschau (market share: 17.2%). Last Saturday, February 6th, up to 1.34 million fans watched the highlight broadcast of the ISTAF INDOOR from Berlin (average: 1.31 million, market share: 17.2%). Both highlight programs on ARD and ZDF were the most watched programs on German TV at the time they were broadcasted. In addition, national news and magazine programs – such as Morgenmagazin (ARD / ZDF) Mittagsmagazin (ARD / ZDF) – and regional programs reported about ISTAF INDOOR. The market researchers determined a total TV reach of 11.65 million.

The ISTAF INDOOR was also a hit internationally. The world-class performances of Malaika Mihambo and Co. in Berlin and Düsseldorf could be seen in over 60 countries.

Click here for the ISTAF INDOOR Berlin highlights program

Click here for the ISTAF INDOOR Düsseldorf highlights program