Two World Records and Long’s “Long” Record Jump

Athletes from eleven countries took part in the first edition of ISTAF, held on August 1, 1937. This was a record and so was the total of 85,000 spectators. Ludwig “Lutz” Long cleared 7.90 metres in the long jump – an ISTAF record which stood for 39 years as well as a European record for 19 of them. The very first world record at ISTAF was set in this same 1937 meeting by Stanislawa Walasiewicz of Poland, winner of the 100m Olympic title in 1932 and the silver medal in Berlin in 1936, who ran 11.6 seconds in the women’s 100m. The second world record came in the women’s 80m hurdles where the South African Barbara Burke ran 11.6 seconds.

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