“Tremendous influence on development of athletics”: ISTAF award with “new home” at the Olympiastadion Berlin

21. October 2022

Great honor for the ISTAF: The oldest track and field meeting in the world was already awarded before the pandemic with the “World Athletics Heritage Plaque” of the athletics world federation – now the plaque could be mounted in the Olympiastadion Visitor Center.

The award for outstanding contributions to the global development of athletics had been launched in 2018. “The recipients have had a tremendous impact in the historical development of athletics in their countries and beyond,” said Sebastian Coe, president of World Athletics.

ISTAF Meeting Director Martin Seeber said, “The award is a great honor for all the contributors, all the partners and all the fans who make the ISTAF an extraordinary event with worldwide appeal and a true athletics party. Together with the Olympiastadion Berlin, the ISTAF has been writing positive sports stories for many years. ISTAF and Olympiastadion – they simply belong together.”

Olympiastadion Berlin GmbH Managing Director, Timo Rohwedder: “The ISTAF in Berlin is the key annual athletics meeting in Germany. We are proud to host this and are delighted that the ISTAF’s historic achievement has been appropriately recognized by the world federation.”